Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Junto on Break!

Huge thanks to Brother Nate for his excellent presentation!

We are going to be on break for the next few weeks and will not be scheduling another Junto until we can coordinate with certain societies on campus. However, if anyone has any ideas on topics that they would like to discuss this upcoming semester please feel free to post ideas as comments to this post.

Regardless, we already have some great plans for the upcoming semester! We still have quite a few T-Shirts left and those will be made available at the next Junto. We hope everyone is enjoying their break!


  1. Maybe just a suggestion, would a facebook group page be more effective for news/posts/topics/notifications etc?

  2. Great Idea!

    If you go to:!/home.php?sk=group_136739613042341&ap=1

    you should find the Junto facebook page and feel free to sign up on that. The new V.P. will be in charge of getting the word out on facebook. If that link doesn't take you to it just search for Junto Rexburg Chapter.